When Vringo Met China’s NDRC

When Vringo Met China's anti-monopoly law by David L. CohenIntellectual Asset Management Magazine (IAM) today published a short excerpt of my and Doug Clark’s forthcoming, longer piece on China’s anti-monopoly law (AML) and how it has been applied to standard essential patents (SEPs).   The published excerpt concerns China’s National Development and Reform Commission’s (NDRC) investigation of Vringo undertaken at the behest of ZTE.  The piece focuses on two hair-raising meetings I had with NDRC officials in Beijing where all manner of explicit and implicit threats to my life, liberty, and property were made. 

For more about the meeting and Vringo’s encounter with the NDRC please read the piece on IAM’s website.

For more about how Vringo’s interactions with the NDRC into the larger picture of AML enforcement, keep an eye out for when IAM releases the full piece.

Finally, for those who would like more background on the 3+ year Vringo/ZTE dispute please see my article, A Short History of Vringo’s Battle with ZTE.

When able, I hope to make the piece available on my site as well.

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