SEP Research Group Annual Workshop on March 18 2021

I was very honored and pleased to have participated in the SEP Research Group in Japan‘s Annual Workshop on March 18 2021 earlier today.   The program featured an impressive group of panelists and drew a large number of distinguished guests from across Japanese industry and the government.   Kudos to Toshifumi Futamata of the University of Tokyo, and the SEP Group Chairman and the rest of his team for organizing such an important event and fostering thoughtful discussion of the issues relating to SEPs.  Thank you as well to Jari Vaario for connecting me with the group and suggesting that I be included as a presenter.  My talk focused on the context and details of the recent business review letter to Avanci and using that as a prism through which to view the many interesting developments that happened in the US around SEPs during 2020 and early 2021.  My presentation materials are available here.