Kidon Podcast: War stories on the cutting edge of IP monetization – Announcement and 1st Episode

We are trying something new – a long form (30-40 minute) interview with people who have and are playing an important role in IP monetization.  You can find this show on YouTube, LinkedIn, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and more.  I hope the interviews are enjoyable.

My first interview is with an old friend from the Nokia days, Donal O’Connell, founder of Chawton Innovation Services,  and author.  I have had the privilege to write a few pieces on trade secrets with Donal, but Donal has generated a tremendous amount of content about all aspects of IP – from LinkedIn articles to short videos to, book author (of Inside the Patent Factory) most recently, a book on IP risk management.

Our interview focuses on Donal’s big passion – IP Risk management.  I hope you enjoy our fascinating  discussion.