Qualcomm signs deals worth $12b

While they are playing a dangerous game with Apple, Qualcomm has China better figured out that most of its adversaries.   So in addition to deals with Huawei and ZTE, Qualcomm entered into am MOU with Xiaomi Corp, Oppo Electronics Corp and Vivo Mobile Communication Technology said they plan to buy smartphone components, mostly chips, worth at least $12 billion from Qualcomm over the next three years.  It seems to me that with those deals behind them the Chinese State might be less concerned about a Qualcomm injunction over Apple.


People may forget that Qualcomm recently created a $280M joint venture with Guizhou government to make chips to take on Intel.   (Query what happens in a few years when the local Chinese players no longer need Qualcomm – but that is a fight for another day.)


Bottom line, even with the Broadcom situation, don’t count Qualcomm out yet…