Kidon IP War Stories: David Cohen & Professor Daryl Lim

Today our guest is Daryl Lim. Daryl is the H. Laddie Montague Jr. Chair in Law at Penn State Dickinson Law and Co-Hire at the Institute of Computational and Data Sciences at Penn State University. He also serves as Associate Dean for Research and Innovation and founding director of the Intellectual Property (IP) Law and Innovative Initiative. 

Professor Lim is an award-winning author, observer, and commentator of national and global trends in IP and competition policy and how they influence and are influenced by law, technology, economics, and politics. Among his many accomplishments, he is a founding member of the Global IP Alliance and its local chapters in Pennsylvania and Illinois. In addition, he serves as Co-Chair of the University Education Committee in the US IP Alliance. He consults and publishes internationally on various IP and antitrust issues. Among his previous accomplishments, Daryl headed the IP program at UIC Law from 2015 to 2022. And in no small part to Professor Lim, the IP program at UIC Law remains one of the most respected in the country.  Also, since 2017, Professor Lim has convened the Annual IP Law Conference, now in its 65th year, and introduced the IP Leaders’ Roundtable, bringing together thought leaders of different persuasions to devise practical solutions to contemporary challenges in the IP world.

Our talk focuses on legal academia and IP and how it has changed for better and for worse over the past 20+ years. Daryl talks about how his outsider perspective has always informed his thinking on the law, and how his current efforts in academia are geared towards bringing together many perspectives on how one might solve key issues of the day.  

For those curious, here is a link to the negotiation styles flowcharts I mentioned in the interview, click here.