Kidon IP War Stories: Douglas Clark, Principal and Global Head of Dispute Resolution

Our next guest is Douglas Clark, Principal and Global Head of Dispute Resolution.

Doug has practiced in Asia for close to 30 years. One might even say that he is the founding father or at the least a co-founding father of contentious IP disputes in East Asia. He is currently a solicitor advocate of the High Court of the Hong Kong SAR.

Doug is a keen IP strategist and negotiator — and having witnessed this myself on both sides, I can confirm it. He also is a master linguist of East Asian languages and a prolific author, including the first treatise of Hong Kong IP law and to my knowledge the only treatise on Chinese patent law written in English. He is also a co-author of a piece he, Eric Stasik, and I wrote on SEP licensing. 

Don’t get me started about his extracurricular activities including being a movie producer, published legal historian, and law professor. Most importantly, he is a great guy with keen insights and is fun to hang out with.