Huawei has the patent advantage for 4G-LTE in China – Why is this a surprise?

While Qualcomm has a virtually unassailable lead globally (nearly double Samsung its closest rival), in China with 18% of global 4G-LTE patents are Chinese rights (second only the US) it is effectively tied with Huawei.

Why this is a surprising or even unexpected is beyond me.  I believe in taking people at their word.   The Guangdong Higher People’s Court official gazette issued an article about the Interdigital/Huawei judgement finding an SEP royalty rate for China stating as follows:

“Huawei’s success in this anti-monopoly lawsuit has important significance. Qiu Yongqing, the Chief Judge [of the Guangdong Higher People’s Court],  believes that Huawei’s strategy of using anti-monopoly laws as a countermeasure is worth studying by other Chinese enterprises. Qiu suggests that Chinese enterprises should bravely employ anti-monopoly lawsuits to break down technology fortresses and win space for development.”
Mark my words:  now that Huawei and other Chinese champions have had their space, they are ready and eager to beat other IP powerhouses at their own game.