Border Seizures in China?

A number of years ago I was involved in a small little monetization campaign where we utilized European and other anti-piracy laws to seize equipment that infringed our patents.  During one of their seizures our team was inspecting impounded equipment to determine infringement and at the same time local customs officials were showing a rather large Chinese delegation around explaining how the European anti-piracy laws work and how their can be used for utility patents as well.

I guess they learned from the experience and how…   It was reported recently that that in Shenzhen, local customs administrators, as the result of 73 investigations, have seized 260,000 export-bound products that infringe patents held by local companies. While it’s a fairly large number, it could be that many of the seizures stem from design patents, infringement of which would be more straightforward for customs officers to spot.  Apparently SEP owners have been able to do the same, though with less fanfare.