A Patent: What Is In It? [VIDEO]

Hi, I’m David L. Cohen from David L. Cohen, PC and Kidon IP Corporation. I help people make money from their intellectual property. My primary unit of currency is a patent. What is a patent? Well, that is a long and detailed discussion that takes a lot of time to explain. But right now I want to talk about what’s in a patent, and what’s in it comprises four things.

A patent has bibliographical information that describes who filed for it, what companies are involved in filing for it, and some date information and a list of documents on which the patent builds upon from the technical and legal literature. The patent also includes schematic, functional, and illustrative drawings and other things of that nature that help people understand through pictures what the invention contained in the patent is all about.

Then there is the specification, which is a long, written detailed description of what the invention is supposed to be. Finally, there are the claims. The claims tell the world what is the patentee claims that they invented and it is to the claims that the courts will turn to determine the scope of protection granted under a patent.

Now, the problem with patents and the problem with this entire space of intellectual property is that it is often described as the bastard child of law and engineering, misunderstood and unloved by both. And for that reason, you need someone who can explain what is happening in the patent, what is happening in engineering, and what is happening in law to the various parties on both sides of this issue.

Just as by way of example: how often would a scientist or an engineer think that they are not able to understand what a technical document means? Because, frankly, it’s a legal document, and it has to be understood through the vehicle of legal precedent, as opposed to technical or scientific language or documentation. And for that reason, it’s very important if you have or think you have — if you have patents and you’re thinking about how to make money from them — to speak to a qualified professional who can help you figure it all out.

Once again my name is David L. Cohen, Kidon IP Corporation, and David L. Cohen, PC. We help you make money from your intellectual property.

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