• Kidon IP

    Deal Making & IP Services

Kidon IP Corporation was created as a vehicle both for IP deal-making (including sales and brokering) and to allow David L. Cohen, P.C., when providing legal advice, to tap into the deep business and technical experiences of David’s many collaborators.

Through, Kidon IP, David can call on the skills and experience  of his colleagues who, combined, have over 60 years of experience in addressing complex legal and IP problems and have generated significant patent value for their clients including Nokia, Vringo and Alcatel Lucent.  By directly supervising and incorporating their input into its processes, David L. Cohen, P.C. can provide superior legal advice.

Through Kidon IP we can offer the following services:

IP and Standards White-spacing to guide research for short and long term productization and future IP value capture

Patents and technical standards do not only disclose the inventions claimed or how to practice the relevant technical standard. To those that know how to look, patents and standards tell a story of technical innovation. The point to where industry, the academy, and society are heading. The astute observer will be able to map these trends and correlate them to both broader business and market trends as well as specific companies’ capability. These observations can then be transformed into a white space analysis that identifies areas ripe for short term research investments that will lead to longer term business and IP growth.

David L. Cohen, P.C. and the Kidon IP team, using a White Space analysis, can help your company develop a frugal and effective innovation strategy designed to maximize short term business advantage and develop a valuable portfolio of blocking IP.

Open Source Software Assistance

Open source software while holding out tremendous promise to its users can create many IP and licensing traps for the unwary.  David L. Cohen, P.C. and the Kidon IP team have experience identifying and resolving (where possible) the challenges faced by users of open source.

Patent Brokering and Market Making

Kidon IP’s deep network provides unparalleled opportunities to source quality assets and match them with well-financed buyers. We have an ability to scour the market for quality and employ creative strategies to match willing buyers with eager sellers.

Patent Review and Valuation / Patent Acquisition and Divestitures and Strategic IP Mergers

Understanding what makes a good patent portfolio is a key component in any acquisition, divestiture or merger involving IP. David L. Cohen and the Kidon IP team have performed diligence and extensive review of hundreds of portfolios. They have also crafted and executed multiple deals range from the straightforward to the complex.

David L. Cohen, P.C. and the Kidon IP team will work with you to identify your business needs and craft an appropriate intellectual property strategy designed to maximize the chances of success. If requested, we can oversee or actively participate in execution of the strategy with your business goals always in mind.

Research to Capture IP Value / Global Patent Portfolio Building and Prosecution

Patents are complicated legal instruments and understanding what they cover and their value truly are is no small task. David L. Cohen and the Kidon IP team have extensive experience analyzing portfolios to unlock their true value.

Identifying the key aspects of innovation worth protecting and developing a global portfolio that secures those rights in an effective way requires both strategic vision and an intimate knowledge of the prosecution and litigation rules in all the major jurisdictions. David L. Cohen, P.C. and the team at Kidon IP have extensive experience navigating those rules and developing for their clients quality portfolios at reasonable prices.

All work performed through Kidon IP on behalf of David L. Cohen, P.C. will be directly supervised by an attorney and all costs will be clearly communicated and pre-approved.