• How We Work

Outsourced-In-house Counsel

In today’s challenging business climate, legal and intellectual property (IP) matters are a constant presence.  Sophisticated companies like, Apple, Ericsson, Google, Qualcomm, Nokia, and Sony recognize this fact of life and have large in-house legal and IP teams that represent their respective businesses at the highest level.  These teams, which often number in the hundreds, work hand-in-hand with the relevant business teams.   They not only undertake the traditional task of ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and managing outside counsel, but also are integral partners in developing business strategies and even forecast market trends.

David L. Cohen, P.C. was born from the recognition that the same level of sophisticated legal and IP services can be offered to smaller companies on a consulting or outsourced basis.  David L. Cohen, P.C. can provide all the strategic and the mundane services of a large and sophisticated intellectual property and legal department at an advantageous price.   We can offer these services on a project based, hourly, or fixed percentage basis.

If your business does not have an in-house counsel, we can act as a part time or fully integrated member of your business and legal team.  If you already have in-house counsel, we can supplement your legal team on an as-needed or project basis.

If your business would like to develop your in-house team or would like to create one from scratch, but are reluctant to take a chance on a single hire, we can act as your in-house team on an interim basis, assist with hiring a permanent team, and train the team we hire until they are ready to go full speed without us.

Our pricing model offers a range of flexible approaches to best meet business, transaction or project specific requirements in addition to hourly rates we offer the following options:

Fixed Pricing
We invest in project management to ensure the scope of work is clearly defined and articulated before price is agreed. The price may be fixed flat pricing; fixed range pricing; or fixed stage pricing.

Retainer Pricing
As part of our outsourced-inhouse IP counsel function we offer a retainer structure that can be limited to specific workflows, temporary or permanent depending on client needs. The retainers model allows for greater certainty and is calculated to equate to the average value of the legal work over a prolonged period, thereby smoothing out the peaks and troughs.   Retainers models may include: a retainer for an Outsourced In-house Counsel – we charge a fixed price, payable monthly, to act as your outsourced in-house counsel; or a retainer for an insourced secondee lawyer – we charge a fixed price for one of our senior lawyers to work directly within your organization for a designated period of time.

Success Pricing
We may combine the fixed or retainer fee with an upside component payable only for a successful result maximizing the alignment of incentives.