David Cohen interviewing Richard Vary durnig his podcast, Kidon IP War Stories

Kidon IP War Stories David Cohen & Richard Vary

My next talk is with Richard Vary. I first met Richard when I joined Nokia’s in-house IP litigation team in 2007. Richard had recently joined from a prestigious law firm in London. Richard worked his way up to ultimately become a VP and head of litigation at Nokia – where he oversaw some of their most successful and important litigation and licensing campaigns.

He is now a partner at Bird & Bird in London focusing on various international arbitration and litigation matters. Our discussion focuses on how little has changed, argument-wise, but how much has changed from a practical perspective in licensing disputes on patents that read on technical standards. We dive in deep pretty quickly but most listeners should be able to follow our discussion.

For those wishing more background I highly suggest some of Richard’s many pieces on essential patents and FRAND (many of which are collected at https://muckrack.com/richard-vary/art…) and of course, the many pieces I have written as well.