Outsourcing In-House Counsel: The Case of Trade Secret Services

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Outsourced In-House Counsel – The case of Standard Essential Patent Assertion

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Today’s Links of Interest

Using Trade Secret Protection to Build Shareholder Value
ALJ Shaw: ITC is a Viable Forum for Enforcement of SEPs – at least if you can show the patent isn’t an SEP…
Apple SVP Bruce Sewell interview details clash with Qualcomm over iPhone patent royalties
Protecting Your Intellectual Property in the Internet of Things
Bain files for China antitrust approval on $18 bln Toshiba chips deal -source
Indictment conspiracy involving the sale of ownership units of patents, with a stock conversion option
Chinese Court Receives its First Standard Essential Patent (SEP) Suit Related to the Television Industry
Former Cisco IP executive gets top patent role at Google

Today’s (October 3, 2017) links of interest

TCS and Tata America International Corp Trade Secret fine of $940 million cut in half
EU hopes to finalize its patent licensing guidelines by the end of the year
IP unjustified threats law takes effect in UK – The ability to sue to revoke a patent, the high patent kill rates, and the strong likelihood the patent holder will have to pay your (large) attorney fees apparently wasn’t enough for infringers…
More wisdom from the Valley: Let’s make all patent licensing public; Who will really benefit from that?


Today’s (October 2, 2017) links of interest

CPA Global under investigation over alleged patent overcharging
Investors courting litigation finance for profit potential
Valuation Of Trade Secrets
DTSA Leads Escalation in Federal Trade Secrets Litigation
3rd-Party Funding Finding A Home In Patent Litigation
Tessera, Latham Launch Global Patent War Against Samsung
DURECT and Indivior PLC Sign a $17.5 Million Patent Purchase Agreement

Today’s (Sept 29, 2017) links of interest

According to EFF the only reason developers should care about FB’s OSS license patent clause is if you were planning to sue for patent infringement from the get-go, because companies like Facebook never knowingly infringe other companies’ patents or rip off your IP.  Right – and I have a bridge to sell.
China’s most valuable startup follows Uber in buying patents from Hewlett Packard Enterprise
China – look behind the headlines: The 82% win rate in Beijing isn’t all that, only 19% of those cases are utility models and for them there is only a 39% win rate
Law firm’s automatic deletion of spam emails is blamed for failure to file timely appeal
Boy writes letter advising bankruptcy court that closing Toys R Us would be ‘bad for kids’
The New Round of Draft Revisions to China’s Anti-Unfair Competition Law Brings Substantial Changes to the Commercial Bribery Rules
Apple is trying to muddy design patent law in order to get its way

Today’s (September 28, 2017) links of interest

Just when you thought you rigged the system in your favor someone smarter then you comes up with an angle: Apple is being sued for patent infringement by a Native American tribe
Ruling by Düsseldorf court offers businesses guidance on the licensing of standard-essential patents, says expert
To Disclose Or Not To Disclose: Trade Secrets Vs. Patents
AT&T, TiVo Extend Licensing Agreement
Licensing and the Art of Preventive Negotiation: Minimizing Unintended Consequences

Today’s (Sept 27, 2017) Links

The Coming Software Apocalypse
Development of innovative new standards jeopardized by IEEE patent policy jeopardized
Nice work Anders! A recent study by Parallel North IP has identified the individuals who are driving the key innovations for the development of IoT – and that the IoT universe has over 1.1 Million US Inventors
Emerging Trends in Defend Trade Secrets Act Litigation
Google is reportedly separating its shopping service after EU antitrust fine; Google Shopping will remain part of Google, but will be operated and funded independently
Companies start to rethink East Texas plans, as Federal Circuit reins in EDTX jurisdiction in Cray judgment

Today’s (Sept 26, 2017) Links of Interest

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Invites Comments on Patents Act, FRAND | Views on Inter Agency Co-Operation
Fuji files a new ITC complaint focusing on Sony
Italian Supreme Court confirms availability of copyright protection to TV formats
DTSA Does Not Create a Private Civil Cause of Action for Conspiracy to Commit Trade Secret Theft
Barbri Escapes Rival Bar Exam Prep Company’s $50M Antitrust Suit

Today’s (Sept 25, 2017) links of interest

Recent flood of patents for sale is hurting patent values, Allied Security Trust CEO Binns says
Will Imagination Deals Deliver MIPS to China? Imagination sells itself to Canyon Bridge, while agreeing to sell MIPS to another VC
China-based companies deny allegations they stole Hitachi technology
Surprise! Developers aren’t so stupid after all – Facebook backtracks on anti-patent troll license
Big Law Watch Out?  PwC, the Accounting Giant, Will Open a Law Firm in the U.S. to advise on foreign law like corporate restructuring
Soon we’ll see if the gambit worked: Native American tribe moves to dismiss Allergan patent case
Private Enforcement of EU Competition Law: A Comparison with, and Lessons from, the US