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A Short History of Vringo’s Battle with ZTE

This paper was originally written as a source material for my presentation at the ABA’s 2017 IP West as part of the The China Paradox – October 11-12, 2017, Long Beach, CA, and subsequently edited and supplemented. I.                The Vringo Background The following paper is a short history of the thirty-nine-month battle between Vringo, Inc. and ZTE Corporation. Vringo […]

Standard Essential Patents: What Every IP Attorney and In-house Counsel Should Know Seminar

David L. Cohen is thrilled to be a panelist at the Standard Essential Patents seminar for IP executives at the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL. The seminar is designed for IP attorneys, licensing professionals, and technologists interested in gaining valuable insights into the why and how of SEP development and licensing. It will be […]

Standard Essential Patents and Antitrust Law

This past April, I participated in a 7-person panel at the Fordham IP Institute comprised of lawyers with significant interest in the telecommunications industry. The primary focus of the discussion centered around the various issues facing Qualcomm within the context of antitrust law, as well as with a broader perspective. The discussion was timely in […]

The Importance of Trade Secret Metadata at a Trade Secret Misappropriation Court Case

Contrary to popular belief — especially among business owners — trade secrets are not only found in top secret, highly-secure research labs. Rather, almost every business possesses trade secrets, regardless of whether the business is small, medium or large. A trade secret is anything that is: Not generally known or readily accessible to the relevant […]